Why Self Host?

♦ We believe no business should ever lose data for any reason whatsoever!

♦ You own your business data.  Why allow others to meddle with your business?!

♦ Your data is available anytime from anywhere and from any device

♦ Self-insure your own business data

♦ Business Data is now not exposed to Google, Apple, Microsoft and NSA

♦ You will never lose your data with our Automatic Offsite Backup

♦ Affordable..No high storage and hosting costs from an expensive data centre

♦ Once invested, your business can grow rapidly without fear of additional IT expense

♦ Take advantage of government supported grants of up to 88%!

From our many years of business and our experience in providing business solutions (using IT as the root source) to our SME customers, we see that once our Sencha InHouse(Private Cloud) and Automated Remote Backup Solution is installed on your premises, it is certainly a “game changer” in this space of business. More SME business owners must learn about what we are preaching and “re-think again” how they want to run their Backoffice…in someone else’s offsite and unprotected cloud service? Or in the safety and protection of their own cloud Server self-hosted for ones own, most valuable business data assets? “Self-insured” in ones own office and in ones own remote backup site! Why is this so very important? Our customers tell us for the simple reason that many small and medium business owners are bombarded by the media and friends and so many big name vendors (Google, DropBox, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Cisco Cloud, etc) knocking on their front door to offer them “free” and/or so called low-cost “hosted services” to run their Back Office business on. The problem with this “marketing fad” scenario is that the owner now gains a “mindset problem” that is often quite difficult to overcome.

 If a business owner were to go with a “Cloud provider” (data hosting provider such as Google, Microsoft Azure/365, Amazon, Dropbox, etc), the owner then has no control and does not have 100% protection over their own business data, as it now sits in someone else’s data centre “Cloud” and can prove to be susceptible to CyberDanger and can become very, very expensive as ones company data set grows along with their business.   Having ones company data set hosted in someone else’s data centre “Cloud”, means that all and/or most of a companies’ business documents (business data of all sorts including in many cases, emails, images, intellectual property, customer/supplier database, accounting information, company application software of all sorts, companies every move, etc are being “indexed” and/or taken advantage of in some way, shape or form by the Big Data Centre. This is a fact, which is very, very scary for a business owner (if and only if the owner is briefed in such a manner that he/she can grasp), once this owner is properly informed and this issue is well understood after one truly sits down and thinks about/analyzes this very common business situation. Many, many companies are being swindled into this fad of “put your company data on someone else’s data centre” idea, which is a huge problem as one can see and is sure to be understood here.  Thank you…and be 100% safe with your way!