PrivateCloud is essentially an InHouse Private Business Cloud Infrastructure (hardware and software) which is “self-hosted” in ones’ own premises or privately hosted, managed and distributed in a Data Centre. PrivateCloud caters to the owner of an organization and helps one manage all company processes, applications/apps (for PC and mobile) and data storage (document files, engineering drawings, databases, financial information, photos, videos, music, etc. PrivateCloud infrastructure is much more secure and flexible to scale up or down as workloads vary than other alternatives, since all the organisation’s data is tightly secured and controlled on ones’ own private business server(s) that no other company has access to.


PlanetStor is a private boutique service powered by ownCloud™, an open-source based product for private and secure web-based file storage and private and secure sharing.  PlanetStor strictly caters to business owners who are most concerned about their business and personal privacy and to never-ever lose their most valued business data and/or be compromised in any way, shape or form..all without having to change the way one currently works nor having to learn a new way. This most highly secure private cloud and customized IronClad firewall can be managed in ones’ own office and/or in our secure private data centre, in which we Offer a most secure subscription service starting @ only SGD 49/month for 50GB of safe storage which is accessible from anywhere and from any device and without the expense and headache of having an IT team to feed!


Much data (business documents, email, website, payroll, inventory, photos, video, music, and even one’s personal info) is irreplaceable.  Automatically backing up data to a separate and remote server, can be quite technically (even for the most “so-called” IT savvy majority) challenging and often price prohibitive. However, having OffCampus, our automated remote backup appliance is about the smartest thing an owner can do in any business.  Smart because everything happens automatically – one does not have to worry about doing this on ones’ own or rely on anyone else to handle. One can set it and forget it, so it won’t take any additional thought or effort..and never-ever lose ones most important data!


Having our IronClad firewall can quell the jitters one might have about ones’ private InHouse business server getting attacked. An Internet connection, especially an always-on type like broadband, is the entry point for hackers who want to get to your private business server. IronClad firewall polices ones business internet connection from hackers and automated bad robot scanners and is a most essential tool in a private business server security arsenal, which includes  deep-packet search to ward off viruses/spam/trojans and even ransomware and keyloggers.  The book “Network Security First-Step” likens a firewall to an Internet border security officer because of its crucial role in preventing horrific things from entering ones Server Network.


As a MyRepublic reseller, Sencha Enterprises Pte Ltd offers a few different business packages, but for about the same price ($499 per month) of the other 3 competitors (Singtel, StarHub and M1), MyRepublic provides much faster bandwith speeds (500Mbps download and 500Mbps upload) and includes 8 dedicated (Static) IPs (This allows one to host ones’ own web server(s) and email server(s).  It is advised to make the switch once ones’ legacy broadband business plan expires, as it’s time to move well into the 21st century and with around 99% of the entire island now covered by the National Broadband Network!