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Helping Businesses with IT procurement and IT Business services since 1999!

Our SEPL Specialty:


Total Data Safety with Automated off-site Backup!

What do we as Business people really want?


Easy and Fast in the most secure (in control of the owner) and @ the lowest cost possible!

Is your business exposed??


Can you afford not to automatically backup your data to a remote site?


While hard disk failures and failed IT policies may be a cause, the real risk your business is running, is by not properly securing your critical business data thereby facing huge data losses. Whether it is large sums you have to spend on expensive data recovery processes or lost income due to lost competitive position, legal issues or bad customer experiences, data loss will make you pay!

Data lost is money lost!


Research shows that 96% of all business workstations aren’t being backed up even though the average loss due to a stolen laptop is estimated at $61.881 and 15% of all laptops either gets stolen or suffer hard drive failures. No wonder 60% of companies that lose their critical business data end up closing down within six months. Data lost is money lost – It’s as simple as that.

How are you protected against data loss?

  • Natural Disaster ( Fire, Flood, Earthquake )
  • Fire or Bomb
  • Faulty Sprinkler System
  • Power Outage
  • Theft, Malware, Spyware, Ransomware
  • Employee Fraud
  • Deliberate data destruction by rouge staff
  • External provider closing down (Pacific Internet)
  • Security breach with external provider
  • Etc, etc..

A typical victim of our “Information Age”:


Total or partial data loss can wipe out your company

  • Operations can come to a grinding halt, or worst case a company has to shut down completely and start over from scratch, as they cannot even provide numbers to IRAS anymore.
  • Best case you limp along and try to restore your data partially.
  • Limping along is expensive as productivity goes south steeply.

Importance of Automated Backup Infrastructure



Your insurance company will pay you back for infrastructure and stock, but WILL NOT AND CANNOT pay you for loss of data!!!


Many companies THINK that their dataset is protected and backed up.

Statistics show that only a SMALL number of companies have automated infrastructure in place to deal with data loss and recover from it without large damages.

What is the REAL situation at your company?

Customer Feedback


Mike Ma says: “I knew we were not backed up, but I didn’t realize my business was so exposed. Now I can sleep at night!”

How does SEPL Help You Construct and Self-insure Your Dataset in the most Cost effective manner possible?


So when disaster does strike, no matter how extensive, you will be up and running again in no time at all!

SEPL thinks like the owner:


How is my business exposed???

…SEPL offers this advice for FREE!


SEPL helps you design and build your “self-insured” fortress @ the lowest possible cost!


My business data is now safe!

…AFTER SEPL’s Solution!

SEPL Provides Powerful Self Hosting and Self Insured Solutions


  1. You must have the mindset (I cannot lose my data) and a reasonable budget to build a secure Business IT Backbone with automated Offsite Backup!
  2. You must have a Fiber Optic Static IP Service in place and we need to assess your current dataset and calculate your growth path over a 3 to 5 year period.
  3. We will need your Website Domain and your email addresses(s) to do the initial setup.



Thank you! …

…. and be Safe!